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MotorData Professional (Database) Features

At this moment MotorData System contains data on more than 500 models from leading manufacturers from Japan, Korea, China and Russia + Renault, including Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Daihatsu, Nissan, Infiniti, Honda, Acura, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Subaru, Isuzu, Suzuki, Hyundai, Kia, Daewoo, SsangYong, Chery, Byd, Geely, Great Wall, Renault, Lada, GAZ, and UAZ.

The system languages for Motordata Professional are English, Russian and Spanish. In addition, the service allows for automatic real-time translation into other languages using browser extensions.


MotorData Features Video

To make information in MotorData Professional (Database) easy-to-use we arranged it into modules. This division is done based on the information type. Below are description, screenshots and printouts of all the modules. Overall MotorData client software usability can be seen in the video demonstration.

Model/system selection, search by model Model/system selection, search by DTC Model/system selection, search by engine code Model/system selection, search by transmission code
Model/system selection, video

Model/system selection can be done from make and model lists or using search function by engine code, transmission code or by DTC.

Search functionality allows finding similar models (with the same components) and performing «diagnostics by analogy» even if there is no exact match in MotorData database.

Wiring DiagramsWiring Diagrams

Toyota Camry Engine management and transmission control system wiring diagram Colored tracing of Toyota Camry wiring diagram Toyota Camry wiring diagram, protected circuits MotorData wiring diagram cross-links MotorData wiring diagram cross-links Toyota 4Runner engine management system wiring diagram grounding points

Wiring diagrams, video

Interactive colored wiring diagrams — this module allows user to view and print principal systems wiring diagrams: engine control system, AT, CVT, ABS, VSC, TRC, AC, SRS, Multiplex, etc.

User-friendly functionality: colored wires, cross-links to other diagrams and modules of MotorData, free scaling, element search and wire traces.


Toyota 4Runner engine management system DTC MotorData search by DTC function Toyota 4Runner engine management system, reading diagnostic trouble codes Toyota 4Runner OBD diagnostic connector location
DTC, video

DTC — OBD diagnostic trouble codes database (P0, P1, P2, P3, U0, U1, U2, C, B) and proprietary manufacturer codes, HEX and Flash-codes. Possible trouble causes, conditions of appearance and locations are listed. Search by code and print system-related codes functions are available.

MotorData provides easy-to-use links from «DTC» to «Pindata», «Elements check» and «Wiring diagrams» modules with highlighting relevant control unit or element terminals.


Toyota 4Runner TSB Toyota 4Runner TSB for DENSO mass air flow meter Toyota 4Runner TSB

TSB (service bulletins) — this module contains typical malfunctions for specific models along with the proven solutions.

MotorData provides easy-to-use links from «TSB» to «DTC», «Wiring diagrams», «Elements check», «Component locations», and «Fuse/Relay/Junction boxes» modules.


Toyota 4Runner engine control unit pinout Toyota 4Runner engine control unit pin description
Pindata, video

Pindata — this module contains information on pinouts of electronic control units. It includes connector layouts from both ECU and wire sides, typical signal shapes and values, check conditions, and pin labels. Supports search by element name, provides cross-links to relevant wiring diagrams.

Component LocationsComponent Locations

Toyota Avensis engine management system component locations Toyota Avensis engine management system ground points Toyota Avensis engine management system junction connectors Toyota Avensis engine management system, list of elements on the diagram Toyota Avensis engine management system cross-links

Component locations, video

Components and grounding points locations — contains location diagrams for ECUs, fuse/junction/relay boxes, grounding/earthing points and intermediate connectors on the car body.

MotorData provides easy-to-use links to the relevant element on the wiring or junction box diagram, as well as search by element on the car body.

Elements CheckElements Check

Toyota 4Runner checking the ignition timing Toyota 4Runner DTC reading Toyota 4Runner Y18 EVAP purge valve check Toyota 4Runner idle speed check Toyota 4Runner Y22-3 injector 3 check

Elements check, video

Elements check — step-by-step test procedures for elements such as sensors, switches, relays, actuators. Provides information on DTC readout, initialization and general check procedures.

MotorData provides easy-to-use links to the «Wiring diagrams» to «Pin data», «Fuse/Relay/Junction Boxes» modules.

Fuse/Relay/Junction BoxesFuse/Relay/Junction Boxes

Toyota 4Runner fuse box Toyota 4Runner fuse box Toyota 4Runner fuse box Toyota 4Runner fuse box
Fuse/Relay/Junction Boxes

Fuse/Relay/Junction boxes — this module contains information on junction boxes: relay, fuses and junctions location, as well as a list of protected circuits and colored fuses. Search function for relays and fuses inside the junction boxes is available.

MotorData provides easy-to-use links to the «Wiring diagrams».


Toyota 4Runner components' connectors Toyota 4Runner junction components

Connectors — this module contains specifications on elements layout, intermediate connectors, and connector configuration by production year.

MotorData provides easy-to-use cross-links from this module to the «Wiring diagrams» module.

Refilling capacities and fluids typesRefilling capacities and fluids types

Honda Accord fluid capacities and oil types

Refilling capacities and fluids types — specifications for engine lubrication, cooling system, air conditioning, manual or automatic transmission, CVT, variator, front or rear differential gear, power steering for over 1000 models.


MotorData technical abbreviations
Abbreviations, video

Abbreviations — list of definitions and abbreviations used in MotorData.