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Company Profile

MotorData system is developed and operated by AO «Legion-Autodata», Russian Federation.

«Legion-Autodata» publishing house was founded in 1994. From the start we have been specializing on information support of automotive repair services. Our staff consists of specialists with masters and doctorate degrees, professors of leading Moscow automotive colleges and universities.

During these past years we have designed and published hundreds of technical books on car diagnostics and repair. Manuals and other technical literature from Legion-Autodata is well known throughout Russia and post-Soviet Russian speaking countries, and are trusted by the professional community as well as car enthusiasts.

«MotorData» project was started in 2007 as a natural evolution step from paper-based knowledge to high-tech electronic presentation of all the professional data that we have accumulated over the years. In 2012 the number of car models covered by the system surpassed 400. We are constantly working on expanding the database, filling it with new makes, models and types of data.

Contact Details

You can find our contact details on the Contact Information page.