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Quick Start Guide

What you need:

What to do:

  1. Register on this website:
    • go to the «Registration» page;
    • read and accept the End User License Agreement;
    • enter your email, it will be used as your login to access the system;
    • create a password (may contain Latin symbols, digits and some other characters);
    • fill in the CAPCHA form;
    • click «Register» and you will be taken to your Account;
    • choose the applicable profile type
    • fill out the user profile (some fields are mandatory);
    • once the verification email is delivered to your email address open the verification link from it, or copy the verification code into the Account;
  2. Obtain a license using one of the following methods:
    • Demo license: if you checked «Get demo license...» option during registration, demo access will be provided automatically once the registration is approved;
    • Promo license: if you have a 12-symbol activation code from our distributors, you should go to «License» tab -> «Code activation» page and input it there
    • Paid license: in other cases you need to Place an order to get a license:
      1. «Start new order» on the «Orders» tab (or «Order a new license» on the «License tab»);
      2. select the desired access option and license duration and «Place an order»;
    • if the order requires payment:
      1. select payment method;
      2. «Pay» button will securely transfer the payment information to a secure processing system website
    • licenses paid by credit cards are activated automatically once the payment is processed. In other cases you should wait for the payment processing and license activation.
    Once the payment process has started, you cannot cancel the payment on your own.
    Current status of your license and order is shown in the Account. You can have only one license at a time. Demo and promo licenses can be cancelled before the expiration date for easy transition to paid licenses of the desired access option.
  3. Run MotorData client application:
    • open MotorData webclient →
    • enter email address and password you specified during the registration.

If you have encountered a problem or have questions about the registration, obtaining a license or software installation, you can always contact our Customer Support service.