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How to Obtain Access

To order MotorData access licenses you need to Register or Sign in to your existing Account.

Licenses and Access Options

Access to MotorData is subscription-based and is managed with licenses that are issued to registered users. Licenses determine access parameters, such as access option and duration. Access option defines data set (makes and models) available to the user, while the duration defines the time period during which the access is permitted.

Currently there are 3 types of licenses:

There are several access options based on the makes and models markets. You can find detailed information on MotorData licensing options here:

Licenses can be obtained by users who have completed the registration procedure including email verification and approval from MotorData administration. Any user can have only one active license at a time.


Once any commercial license is ordered, it needs to be paid by the user. Once it is fully paid, the license becomes active. The moment of activation is defined as the moment when a notification email is sent to the user. Please note, that activated licenses cannot be reimbursed.

More information on how to pay for MotorData licenses can be found here:

Step-by-step instructions on how to start working with MotorData can be found in the «MotorData Quick Start» section.

In case you have any issues or questions regarding the payment procedure and license activation, please contact our Customer Support service.