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MotorData ELM Features

MotorData ELM modules provide real-time diagnostics functionality via OBD-II port using an ELM327-based adapter. The ELM section of MotorData is FREE and can be used OFFLINE (requires no Internet access). Below are the descriptions and screenshots of the MotorData ELM modules.

Diagnostics and reference data modules description can be found on the MotorData Features page.

Reading and clearing DTCsReading and clearing DTCs

Reading DTCs from OBD-II port of a car

The module is designed for reading and clearing DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) while connected to an ECU (Electronic Control Unit) via OBD-II port with a ELM327-based adapter. Supported protocols include: J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM, ISO9141-2, ISO14230-4 (KWP2000), ISO15765-4 (CAN). Using MotorData ELM module with an inexpensive ELM327 adapter one can easily diagnose or clear trouble codes to switch off the «Check Engine» light.

Supported models:
  • USA market models after 1996;
  • Japan market models after 2002;
  • Europe market models after 2001 and models with diesel engines after 2004.
Some models from the list above may not support OBD-II standard

Freeze FrameFreeze Frame

Reading PIDs from the DTC Freeze Frame

When a DTC is recorded into an ECU memory, some parameters called Freeze Frame (measured at the time of the trouble) may also be recorded. These data are available in MotorData and may help finding the trouble cause.

Data StreamData Stream

Streaming live data from OBD-II port Configuring parameters to stream from OBD-II port

This module reads current data from ECU in real time. One can read out all the supported parameters or create a custom list to make trouble shooting easier. Custom lists of parameters can be saved for later use.

MotorData ELM fully supports EOBD protocol via CAN bus. In order to use extended functionality one should select appropriate protocol (Toyota LHD/RHD, Nissan, etc.) prior to connecting to a ECU. MotorData ELM supports k-line Toyota cars, reading out more than 100 parameters from the engine control unit.

Parameter displaysParameter Displays

Adjustable parameter displays

This module provides a way to monitor multiple parameters in a visually comfortable way. One can select the desired number of parameters to display.

Vehicle InformationVehicle Information

Vehicle information: VIN, ECU firmware version, etc.

This module allows reading vehicle identification information, such as VIN, ECU and firmware versions.

Such data can be useful as vehicle info verification, as well as for diagnostics. For example, some troubles can be fixed by updating ECU software, or cannot be solved without ECU replacement.

Please note that this information is available only if the manufacturer supports such functionality.


Graphing parameters read from OBD-II port

Graphical presentation of data is the best way to analyze real time data streams and discover causal chains. Presentation can be adjusted by user (parameter set, colors, scale, etc.)