Licensing Options and Pricing

To order MotorData access licenses you need to Register or Sign in to your existing Account.

Access to MotorData System is subscription-based. Users can obtain subscription licenses of certain access options and durations. Access options determine sets of data that a user can access, such as makes, models, on-board systems and modifications.

Prices for available access options and license durations are listed below.

The USD prices shown below the RUB prices are pre-calculated for your convenience, but should be considered approximate and unofficial.

Demo Access
  • FREE access to a limited data set*;
  • valid for a 2 weeks, starting from the date of license approval;
  • provided to new users for system evaluation.
2 weeks

* FREE “Demo Access” license is provided for demonstration purposes and is valid for two weeks. It gives an overview of the complete list of car makes and models available, but has limited access to 10 particular models. Please note, that MotorData reserves the right to not issue or suspend any free license, at any moment, without any formal preliminary warning or explanation.

Full Access, All Markets
  • complete access to all available data;
  • valid for the specified period, starting from the license activation date;
  • access for one user, from one computer at a time.
See model coverage for Full access option →
12 months
6 months
3 months
1 month
1 week

* Please note that all official prices are in Russian rubles (RUB). Approximate prices in US dollars (USD) are provided as a reference and may vary slightly depending on exchange rates.

Please note! The actual payment may include some additional fees applied by banks and payment systems.

That is primarily because of the currency conversion rates applied. In most cases the difference varies within a couple of percent. For more specific information, please contact your banking institution. Some online exchange conversion services as well as VISA® and MasterCard® official exchange rate services could also be helpful:

This page “Licensing Options and Pricing” is provided as an essential part of MotorData EULA and is published here in accordance of provisions of the EULA.

According to the EULA, all essential conditions for the licenses purchased earlier, remain unchanged for the whole period of license validity. Active MotorData users are able to see the active license and its conditions in their Account. License prolongation is possible prior to license expiration, but only if that license option is still available. The prolongation price is the price at the moment of the prolongation (unless stated otherwise).